Project Portfolio

This page contains links to some projects I have worked on in the field of e-learning, translation and foreign language teaching.

Moodle for Computational Linguistics

Installation of the Moodle platform and development of an online course "Regular Expressions in Perl" for the purposes of computational linguistics. Presented at the defense of my master's thesis.


Sophista 1.00 (PHP glossary)

This is the glossary which gave name to this site. I worked on it during my internship at Seeburger AG. Currently it is just a test terminology database holding translation terms but I plan to devolop it further in the future and hope to make of it something really nice. It makes use of a MySQL database which (to my deepest satisfaction) makes it relatively fast. It can also work with the regular expressions available in MySQL, a feature quite useful for the purposes of computational linguistics. Available online at

Other online projects

AVITO Project
A project for designing online lessons for the purposes of foreign language training. Includes two sample lessons in English: one for beginners and one for advanced students. In that site I have made use of Flash animations, quizzes written in Java Script and audio features. It is advisable to have your computer set up for audio transmissions when viewing the site.
Available online at: (NOTE: Not very good visibility of the hosting provider's site outside Bulgaria)

Pedagogical Practice
A site designed as a part of my university pedagogical practice while teaching English as a foreign language in a secondary school. The site has been designed together with the students in my class an was meant to be maintained and updated by them. Available online at:


Last changed on 3 January 2005.