Written Work

On this page you will find several samples of written work which originated as academic projects during my studies and articles published in Bulgarian e-zines.

Master's Thesis

Online E-Learning Environments
The first part of the thesis focuses on the general concept of e-learning, the different forms it can take (synchronous, asynchronous, blended etc.) and its advantages and disadvantages compared to the traditional classrom teaching. The thesis provides an overview of several online learning environments (Blackboard, WebCT-Vista, COSE, Moodle) and a detailed comparison between their didactic and technical features. The focus is on open-source environments, like Moodle, end their advantages (e.g. extensibility, reusability) in comparioson to some commercial products. The practical application of the written work is the preparation of a web-based training course "Regular expressions in Perl" for Moodle.

Full text (in Bulgarian) here

Academic projects

P-books vs. E-books?
A project discussing the future of printed books and the advent of electronic publishing. It points out the advantages and disadvantages of e-books and gives an overview of the potentials for developing public electronic libraries.
Available online at http://e-books.hit.bg

Using the Web as a Linguistic Tool in Translation Practice
A paper about the application of the web as a multilingual corpus in translation. Discusses the corpus-based approach to translation studies and the potential uses of the web for facilitating the process of translation and crosslingual information extraction.
Downoladable in PDF format HERE.


Literature on the Internet ("Литературата и Интернет")
Published at: http://liternet.bg/publish/sgileva/literature.htm

A short paper in Bulgarian about the presence of literature on the net, its electronic forms of existence and the future of the so-called e-literature. It also provides a comparison between the traditional and the new literary forms and evaluates the potentials of the web as a new medium for development and popularizations of all literary genres.

Project Gutenberg: How does the public library of the future originate and is there place for Bulgarian texts in it?. (Проектът "Гутенберг": Как се ражда електронната обществена библиотека на бъдещето и има ли в нея място за български издания?), Available online at. http://liternet.bg/publish/sgileva/gutenberg.htm 

An article in Bulgarian about Project Gutenberg, the goals of the project, its achievements and the future prospects for including non-English texts in it. It gives a brief overview of the history of the project, information about the people who have created it and discusses what sort of books are already available in electronic form and what sort of books are eligible and will be readily accepted in the future.


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